Performing Talent

I have years of experience hosting, performing VO, conducting interviews, and acting in scripted content.

Additionally I have professional stunt training and have studied martial arts for years.

See the above reel for a sample of my talents!

Channel Director

In February 2019, I re-launched the Inside Gaming channel, working with two teams I'd never worked with before (one local, one remote).

Comparing January 2019 to March 2019, the channel:

  • Grew from 2.5M views to 9.4M views
  • Increased subscriber gain from 3.4K to 23.5K

I also had the pleasure of enabling my new team members to produce interesting, constructive content in the games media space:

Video Producer

From gameplays to game shows, I've produced all kinds of content with an eye on practicality while still offering surprises to the audience.

Here is a selection of my production work over the years:

Content Creator

I regularly stream on my Twitch channel, showcasing a variety of games and often streaming around a theme.

I enjoy finding unique games and celebrating the most successful aspects about them, whether that's art, music, story, or design.